About Us

We Strive

To enhance quality of life for people affected by neurological challenges by uniting and empowering our members through a common passion for the outdoors.

We Believe

In the power of community and the outdoors to enliven mind, body and soul.

We Envision

A global community of people positively impacted by the outdoors.

How We Do It

OM Community

Our community is available for anyone that shares our passion for the outdoors and has been affected by a neurological challenge (including diagnosed individuals and their supporters). Common neurological challenges include: Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Tumors, Parkinsons, ALS, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, and more.

OM Connect

Provides members an opportunity to connect one-on-one with another member who has experience with a similar diagnosis and a shared passion for the outdoors.

OM Meetups

Strengthens connections and empowers our members to get outside with others in their local area.

OM Adventure Scholarships

Supports our mission to enhance the quality of life of our members, by encouraging our members to live big through a funded adventure of their choice.

Why We Do It

Our Story

  • In 2010, thirteen individuals came together inspired by a mutual friend’s determination to make something positive come from a recent diagnosis of a brain tumor. Everyone shared a link to a neurological challenge (brain tumors, aneurysms, epilepsy, etc.). Their experiences ranged from personal diagnosis to supporting diagnosed family members and friends. The group also shared a passion for the outdoors, an unyielding enthusiasm for life, and a drive to overcome the hardship of a diagnosis and focus on quality of life. These commonalities inspired the idea of Outdoor Mindset (OM). Now, the ongoing connections made by OM broaden the story.

Social connections positively influence health.

  • Information is helpful; however, according to researchers and healthcare providers, personally connecting with others has a significant positive impact on patient health

We all know someone who has faced a neurological challenge. Over 600 neurological disorders exist! Each year in the United States:

  • Over 100,000 people are diagnosed with a primary or metastatic brain tumor
  • 181,000 people are diagnosed with epilepsy
  • 10,400 people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • 50,000 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
  • 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury

Getting outdoors and being active helps too.

  • Exposure to the natural environment of the outdoors directly correlates to improved neuropsychological function and behavioral attitudes toward managing challenges in diagnosis.  Research has shown physical activity to be a significant factor in improving quality of life indicators among neurologically diagnosed individuals.

Our Values

  • Community
  • Inspiration
  • Humor
  • Integrity

Board of Directors

  1. Kyle Martin

    Kyle Martin

    Founder, President
    After growing up in West Texas and graduating from Texas Tech University, Kyle made the journey to Colorado. He's worked in the Human Resources industry since 2003 and specializes in HR Technology. Kyle has a passion for snowboarding, road and mountain biking, surfing, backpacking and pretty much anything outdoors. Diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2009; when dealing with a neurological challenge, Kyle knows firsthand the amazing benefits of community and the outdoors.

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  2. Brian Blankenmeister

    Brian Blankenmeister

    Brian moved to Colorado after graduating from Texas Tech University. He now calls Breckenridge home. When not working as a lender at a local community bank, Brian enjoys tennis, skiing, biking and backpacking. Getting outside is his favorite! Brian’s passion for the Organization came about when a close friends got diagnosed with an F’ed up brain. Outdoor Mindset’s mission aligns perfectly with his passion for adventure while supporting those faced with a neurological challenge.

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  3. Jake Quigley

    Jake Quigley

    Jake's passion for the mountains lured him to Breckenridge, CO in 1996. He is a life & career coach, and owns his own business called InspiredShifts. His professional background in non-profit management, and personal connection to neurological diagnosis inspired him to get involved with Outdoor Mindset. He gets his fix through adventuring in the outdoors, and enjoying backcountry Telemark skiing, mountain biking, and backpacking.

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  4. Jill Shinn

    Jill Shinn

    Jill starting working in Yellowstone National Park during college at Michigan State to get out West (and out of Michigan) and then pulled a winter season in Steamboat after college. She loves to hike, run, backpack, skip, swim, and grill in the outdoors. Rock climbing and road biking are on the brink of new outdoor passions. Her connection to Outdoor Mindset stems from family members and friends who are like family members who have been affected by neuro challenges including brain cancer, epilepsy, brain tumors, and brain aneurysms. Oh yeah, and she loves cupcakes.

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  5. Heather Nordquist

    Heather Nordquist

    After growing up in the Pacfic Northwest, Heather moved to Colorado after college. Following her passion for skiing, she now calls Breckenridge her home. After a close friend was diagnosed with a neurological challenge, she immediately wanted to help and support others throughout a combination of inspiration and adventure. She found Outdoor Mindset to be the perfect fit from it’s inception. When she is not planning events for a ski resort, Heather loves to play tennis, sail, ski and travel.

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  6. Adam Shinn

    Adam Shinn

    Adam was born and raised in Grand Haven, Michigan where he excelled at baseball throughout his life earning a scholarship to play at the collegiate level. After a knee injury ended his baseball career, he took a job in Yellowstone National Park where the outdoor experience filled the void that baseball had left. He found a sense of therapy in the outdoors and, after a few years of seasonal work in the park and Steamboat Ski Resort, decided to make Colorado his home in 2007. Adam spends his time fly fishing, backpacking, hiking, and snowboarding. His connection to Outdoor Mindset is derived from friends and family who have been diagnosed with neurological challenges. He is excited to share his passion for the outdoors and can't wait to see where this journey will take him!

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  7. Sean Gatzen

    Sean Gatzen

    Growing up in the Colorado Rockies, it was only natural for Sean to develop a passion for the outdoors. He spent his summers rock climbing behind his parent’s house and building mountain bike trails to and from his best friend’s house just around the mountain. Sean has spent every winter on the slopes skiing since he started at age four. Sean is also extremely passionate about basketball, which he was lucky enough to play at the collegiate level. After graduating from college in Southern California and meeting his beautiful wife, Emily, and prior to moving back to Colorado, Sean and Emily worked at REI for a few months to get discounts on equipment and help finance their mountaineering expedition to climb Mt. Rainier and Denali. From 2009 to 2011 they served in Morocco as Peace Corps volunteers where Sean spent every day outside playing and coaching basketball. Today, he has an active little cub, Enzo, who shares his dad’s passion for the outdoors. The outdoors is always calling - let’s get out there and have some fun!

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Leadership Team

  1. Dailyn Lewis

    Dailyn Lewis

    Director of Operations
    Dailyn has lived in Colorado for nearly 10 years and can’t imagine calling any other place “home”. She is in the final stretch of getting her degree in from CSU online. Her classrooms often consist of a laptop at a picnic table, around a campfire, or in the back of the van in a remote location. Dailyn enjoys hiking and backpacking with her dog, a German Shepherd named Trevor, as well as nearly any other activity involving the outdoors. When first introduced to Outdoor Mindset by a close friend who suffered a traumatic brain injury, she was instantly inspired by the vision, the staff, and by the members who make up the OM community.

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Advisory Board

  1. Jeanie Ringelberg Quigley

    Jeanie Ringelberg Quigley

    Jeanie has volunteered and worked in the nonprofit sector ever since she could walk. On her way to becoming a doctor, Jeanie is getting in all the mountain biking, hiking and sleep she can before starting medical school. She loves volunteering for Outdoor Mindset because of the cool people (of course) and because of her belief in the power of connections and the outdoors.

  2. Dan Twetten

    Dan Twetten

    Dan was born and raised in Princeton, Minnesota. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys cycling, running, golf, and travel. Dan received his undergraduate degree with honors from Northwestern University. He then graduated with honors from Northwestern University School of Law in 2001. Dan is an experienced trial lawyer who has represented businesses, institutions, and individuals of all sizes in complex litigation in state and federal courts around the country. He has devoted substantial time to his community throughout his legal career. Among other things, he served on the board for the MS 150 cycling ride in Chicago for several years, an event that raises more than $1 million each year for multiple sclerosis research and support. He has also served on board committees for Friends of the Chicago River and the Northwestern University Alumni Association.

  3. Wes Enicks

    Wes Enicks

    Wes grew up in the Boston area where at a young age he developed a passion for the outdoors by hiking, camping, and skiing throughout New England. After graduating from college, Wes moved to Breckenridge, Colorado to fulfill his craving for powder and backcountry skiing. After three years in Breckenridge, Wes moved to Philadelphia where he currently serves as the Director of Development for Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern Pennsylvania. His current occupational commitment to mentoring, continued love of the outdoors, and a friend’s diagnosis with a neurological disorder drew Wes to the mission of Outdoor Mindset.

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