People in the Outdoor Mindset Community are changing the perception of diagnosis from limitation to opportunity.


Jesse - Edwards, CO

“Outdoor Mindset is comprised of a group of people who appreciate what they've got. Some almost lost it before they realized it. Some have learned to appreciate what they have by watching others. Either way, the emphasis in OM is about the possibilities. There are a million ways to appreciate whatever good health we have. It might be cycling across a continent solo. Or it might be going for a full moon walk with friends. Either way, the level of appreciation is the same. It is about taking each and every second, and making it count. Why go out and enjoy the full moon? Because you can.”'

Natalie - Parker, CO

After all is said and done - when you connect with another person facing a neurological challenge, no matter where they are in the process - you GET IT. There are no words that can be expressed to share what that connection is like - it's deep, powerful and a feeling of relief comes over you that you don't have to try and explain what is going on in your head.  It's SO helpful to have someone to talk to - someone who has been there. I hope I can be that ‘someone’ for many folks and I would feel blessed to be next to you in your journey.”

Julie - Sweden

“I remember when she was sick I would go to the gym all the time. It was the way I let out energy and kept centered throughout her illness.  So, several years later, when I found Outdoor Mindset, I realized that they were in the process of creating something important; a community of people encouraging each other to use exercise to cope with the stress and the grief of caring for a friend or a loved one with a neurological disorder.  I saw immediately that OM was so aligned with my belief in exercise as an important coping tool; that their programs could be valuable tools for those fighting neurological disorders as well as those working through their grief.  So I decided to contact them and they matched me with a partner (across the globe, but close in life experience), encouraged me to find an outlet that was the most aligned with my needs (raising awareness and funding for ALS research) and continue to support me as I work towards my goals”  

Amanda - Denver, CO

“I just want to get as many people out doing as many super fun things as possible. I really want to get the Outdoor Mindset Organization out there in the public eye as much as possible. So many people can benefit from this organization, and I want them to hear about it!"

Michele - Santa Clara, CA

“I'm most looking forward to meeting new like-minded friends, and training for some local outdoor adventures next Summer. I would love to be part of a local Meet Up group.”

Misty - Castle Rock, CO

“When I couldn't find anyone to go on this hike with me, I sought elsewhere…emailing you [Outdoor Mindset]. [You] were very welcoming and I realized seeking elsewhere meant allowing myself to go out of my comfort zone. I struggled up and down but I realized giving myself permission to do this empowered me in ways I cannot explain.”

Ann - Washington, DC

“The mission of Outdoor Mindset resonates deeply with me. My connection and love for the outdoors brought me through my most challenging elements of brain surgery. When I was looking for hope prior to surgery, it was hard to find. Outdoor Mindset brings this all together in one place. It is an organization where you can find information, hope, and friends who have traveled a similar path with common inspiration from the outdoors.”

Channing - Cincinnati, OH

“Outdoor Mindset is a great example of living life to its fullest despite having a neurological disorder. Still using a safe environment, this organization is just one of many that shows you can still lead an active lifestyle, pursue your dreams, and be an everyday person, while living with epilepsy or another neurological dis-order. It gives those who are isolated a chance to be “normal”, whatever “normal” means… Don’t waste talent or any goal for that matter, because I guarantee there is a solution that allows you to keep your hopes up.”

Lisa - Denver, CO

“I've had fun at the Meetups I've attended, met new people and hope that this organization only continues to grow. It is really important to me to continue to spread awareness about this organization and have fun doing it."

Alyssa - Boulder, CO

“I chose to join OM because I wanted to meet new friends, play outside (A LOT), regain a sense of confidence, and get to know some other people who might really be a support and spark a sense of FUN and ADVENTURE.. I'd love to see yoga, hiking, paddle boarding, picnics, bike rides, horse back riding, x-country skiing, maybe a group presence at some races etc.”

Sandy - Dillon, CO

"It was so wonderful for me to have such great company for a hike in one of my favorite places in the world. And I think we were so well matched as far as hiking ability! And how wonderful to have hiking companions that were not freaked out by my crutches and I wasn't the weird, disabled one trying to keep up with the able-bodied folks. Instead, I just was one of the group and it was so very lovely. Thank you so much for setting this up!"